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Product Description

Houghto-Strip 8900 is a heavy-duty alkaline cleaner and stripper designed for use on ferrous alloys. Houghto-Strip 8900 incorporates a highly efficient detergent and organic strip system which rapidly solubilizes most industrial soils.

Inert soils and carbonaceous material are easily dispersed and removed from most metal surfaces leaving a chemically clean substrate. Houghto-Strip 8900 is ideally suited to heavy-duty rust, oil, carbon, and paint removal requirements. Houghto-Strip 8900 can be operated in spray, barrel, and various immersion systems.

Use concentrations of Houghto-Strip 8900 vary from 20 to 60% by volume, depending upon the job. Optimum removal of heavy soils is usually reached between 20-25% by volume but paint and carbon stripping operations may require higher concentrations. Cleaning temperatures range between 170-210°F. Mechanical agitation in hot tanks will increase effectiveness and speed up the operation.

Houghto-Strip 8900 is not safe on aluminum, galvanize, tin, and zinc alloys. Copper might tarnish to varying degrees, depending on temperature and time.

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