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Product Description

Hydrashield FR 395-3 is a clear, amber, fully synthetic ester type hydraulic fluid. It does not contain phosphate esters, chlorinated hydrocarbons or water. It is designed to be chemically stable when operating conditions are such that severe physical demands are placed on the fluid.

Hydrashield F R 395-3, because of its low specific gravity, will float on water allowing it to be skimmed from ponds and collection tanks by standard methods.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent lubrication of pumps and components
  • Rapidly separates water contamination
  • High flash point and auto-ignition temperature
  • Non-corrosive to ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Environmentally safer than phosphate esters
  • Readily biodegradable by OECO 301B
  • Factory Mutual approved

Hydrashield FR 395-3'elastomer compatibility:

  • Viton: compatible
  • Teflon: compatible
  • Urethane: compatible
  • Silicone rubber: compatible
  • Medium to high nitrile Buna-N: compatible
  • Nylon: compatible
  • Neoprene: marginal
  • Butyl: marginal
  • EPR: marginal
  • Low nitrile Buna-N: marginal