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Product Description

Hydrolubric 123-B is a synthetic water additive specifically designed to meet the needs of central water systems using reciprocating plunger, multi-stage centrifugal or multi-stage gear pumps. Hydrolubric 123-B is normally used at a concentration of 2% - 5% . When used as recommended, Hydrolubric 123-B is readily dispersible in water and will provide lubricating and rust preventive characteristics to metal surfaces.

Hydrolubric 123-B is completely compatible with conventional soluble oils, and being a soluble synthetic, Hydrolubric 123-B solutions are also compatible with industrial ethylene and propylene glycol, as well as commercial permanent anti-freeze.

Hydrolubric 123-B is biodegradable and offers advantages in handling and disposal.

Features & Benefits

  • At the recommended concentration the polar synthetic components in the product provides a film on metal surfaces that effectively reduces friction and provides protection against aqueous corrosion
  • Product contains no oil and is biodegradable which offers advantages in handling and disposal
  • Product is completely compatible with conventional diluted soluble oils for ease of conversion
  • Product is compatible with industrial glycols and commercial antifreeze which allows the product to be used in cold weather applications
  • Concentration can easily be determined by refractometer. Refractometer factor is 3.5