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Product Description

LuPrep 601 is a water-based rust preventative designed to protect metal surfaces against humidity and corrosion. It provides temporary indoor protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces.

LuPrep 601 can be diluted with water from 5: 1 · 20:1. It mixes easily with water and dries to a clear film. Recommended method of application is dipping or spraying.

LuPrep 601 can be used following any Houghto-Prep conversion coating to provide in-plant corrosion protection of steel surfaces prior to painting or powder coating. The use concentration of the LuPrep 601 in this type of application should be 0.5 - 2.0 % by volume, as not to cause any subsequent coating adhesion problems.

Features & Benefits

  • Dries to a clear, non-staining film
  • Maintains hard water stability
  • Contains no sodium nitrite
  • Provides excellent wetting on ferrous metals