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Product Description

Macron 291 F-5 is a low viscosity, chlorine-free and heavy metal-free cutting oil based on hydro treated mineral oil with low aromatic content. A unique combination of polar, extreme pressure and anti-wear additives provides the oil with high load carrying properties. Macron 291 F-5 extends tool life and ensures good surface finish. Macron 291 F-5 is light in color with low odor and does not stain yellow metals.

Macron 291 F-5 specially formulated for honing and grinding for a wide variety of parts. It has excellent machining performance on alloyed and low carbon steels as well as aluminum and magnesium alloys. 


Features & Benefits

  • Chlorine-free
  • Heavy metal-free
  • High load carrying properties
  • Superior tool life
  • Excellent surface finish
  • High flushing power
  • High detergency 
  • Minimizes waste disposal costs:
  • No chlorine or heavy metals prevents disposal upcharges
  • Used oil is suitable for recycling or reclaiming