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Product Description

Metalina B 3650 US is a full synthetic, high quality coolant recommended for medium to heavy duty cutting applications on steel alloys.

Metalina B 3650 US is recommended for all Medium to heavy duty cutting operations on all types of ferrous metals. It is strongly advised to use Metalina B 3650 US only in soft water (< 100 ppmas CaC03). 


Features & Benefits

  • High lubricity - resulting in prolonged tool life, increased surface finish, lower reject rate
  • High stability - consistent product quality and performance maintained throughout its life, increasing sump life and minimizing tank side additions of additives
  • Very low foam-allowing high pressure & flow rates
  • Excellent detergency - resulting in cleaner work pieces & machines, reducing degreasing costs, assisting in lower consumption by less drag out and assisting in creating a more cleaner and pleasant working environment
  • Excellent rejection of tramp oil - better working conditions, provides cleaner work pieces, increased sump life, reduced degreasing and waste disposal costs
  • Transparent solution - excellent visibility of the work piece
  • Environmental compliance - free of chlorine, secondary amines, boron, phenol nitrite, formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasing agents