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Product Description

MTC-53 is a powerful, effective cleaner for machine tools and central coola nt systems. Mix it with water for use. This makes a quick acting solvent-detergent solution that removes grease and gummy deposits from machine surfaces. It also purges caked residue and scum fro m coolant sumps, lines and fi ttings. Use it to clean out return trenches, and main reservoirs in central coolant systems.


MTC-53 solutions are non-flammable water mixes. It is non-corrosive and safe to handle.


Features & Benefits

  • Powerful detergent action
  • Preserved to assure longer life
  • Non-flammable water solution
  • Non-corrosive, easy to handle
  • Fast acting


  1. Five simple steps clean your machine:
  2. Dump old fluid from system. Add enough fresh water for thorough circulation.
  3. Add 1-5% MTC-53 per gallon of water in sump. Quantity required depends on condition of equipment.
  4. Circulate solution for one to two hours, or until all deposits are loosened. Make sure that all surfaces to be cleaned are reached by the solution. For caked deposits, use high pressure flow to loosen. Residual deposits may trap live bacteria that will reinfect the system, so clean thoroughly.
  5. Drain. Flush with fresh water.
  6. Add fresh coolant to the machine system

For optimum effectiveness:

Add 1-2% MTC-53 per gallon to the system 24 hours before the final cleaning a bove.