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Product Description

Rust Veto AS is a grease type rust preventive containing high quality corrosion inhibitors and formulated for use in extremes of climatic conditions.

It may be applied easily by stiff brush at -10°( but when in place it sets to a soft greasy film which will not melt or run off at temperatures up to 120°C.

Rust Veto AS was particularly designed for the long term protection of capped threads on offshore tubular goods, stored in hostile outdoor environments.

Rust Veto AS is designed specifically for the protection of drill pipe and capped casing threads, and it will protect against corrosion for up to 12 months during outdoor storage in hostile environments.

Indoors, it will provide protection for two (2) years or more.

Features & Benefits

  • Soft grease - Easy to apply down to -10°C.
  • Outdoor protection up to 12 months - Preserves value of tubes.
  • Resistant to melting and run off up to 120°C - Stays put in hot weather.
  • Easy to remove when required - Does not interfere with subsequent processes.
  • Compatible with lubricating greases - Light residuals don't harm lubrication.