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Product Description

Rust Veto 2147 was specifically developed to provide long-term rust inhibition of cast iron, but is an ideal product for regular steel as well.

One gallon covers 1,900 square feet. The polar attraction for metal makes Rust Veto 2147 creep across the metal's surface, spreading over a large area. This affinity for metal means handling won't wipe it off.

Rust Veto 2147 contains an antioxidant additive. It resists breakdown and varnish formation, even in longterm storage. Apply by dip or spray.

Features & Benefits

  • Thin film protects your parts without excessive carryoff which reduces usage and cost.
  • Low-odor nature of the products optimizes worker acceptance.
  • The high flash point reduces the potential for flammability and may reduces fire insurance premiums.
  • Rapid drying permits handling of parts shortly after application which expedites process flow and packaging.


  • Salt Spray, ASTM B117 (95° F/100% R.H.) 3 days
  • Humidity Cabinet* 30+ days
  • Humidity Cabinet** 25 days
  • Indoor Protection - unwrapped 12+ months
  • Shed Protection 4-6 months

* Polished, mild steel panels dipped into the neat product; allowed to dry overnight; cabinet conditions: 120° F and 100% relative humidity.

**Cast Iron Panels tested @ 100°F/100% RH