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Product Description

Rust Veto 377-HF actually raises water off wet metal to coat the entire surface with a long-lasting film.

One gallon covers 1,300 square feet. The polar attraction for metal makes Rust Veto 377-HF "creep" across the metal's surface, spreading over a large area. The affinity for metal means handling won't wipe it off.

Rust Veto 377-HF contains an antioxidant additive. It resists breakdown and varnish formation, even in longterm storage.

Rust Veto 377-HF needs to be agitated prior to use to insure that the rust preventive film forming components are dispersed in the solvent carrier and uniformly applied to parts to be protected.

Features & Benefits

  • Low-odor nature of the products optimizes worker acceptance.
  • Displaces water or process fluids from wet parts to rapidly begin the corrosion inhibition process.
  • The high flash point reduces the potential for flammability and may reduces fire insurance premiums.