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Product Description

Rust Veto 4216 is a clear, low odor, environmentally friendly petroleum derivative. It has superior cleaning properties without the hazardous drawbacks associated with the chlorinated solvents or fluorocarbons, which allows it to be used in numerous asse mbly and inspection applications.

Rust Veto 4216 has a very bland petroleum odor which gains rapid operator acceptance and approval. It is compatible with a majority of the additive packages used in for mulating long-term rust preventives and can be used as a diluent in preparing final coat products for extended protection.

Fine filtration of Rust Veto 4216 is no problem, as a matter of fact, fine filtration is recommended in recirculating cleaning systems so foreign matter and contaminants are not deposited on precision components.

Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding cleaning capability for optimal soil removal.
  • Imparts corrosion inhibition to parts to protect them from rusting between operations thereby reducing scrap rates.
  • Low-odor nature of the product optimizes worker acceptance.