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Product Description

SW-727 is to be used for spray cleaning operations and is suitable for use on steel, aluminum and brass/copper. This is an alkaline type cleaner incorporating a blend of highly effective, biodegradable surfactants. The wetting and emulsification ability of the surfactants in SW-727 enables it to remove a large variety of soils and contaminants quickly and thoroughly.

SW-727 is usually used at a concentration of 1 - 4% by volume. The most effective operating temperature range is 100 to 160°F. SW-727 is recommended for use where a highly effective alkaline spray cleaner is desired. It can be used in a two-stage spray washer or in the cleaner stage of a five-stage iron phosphate spray system.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-metal safe
  • Free rinsing
  • Low alkalinity
  • Effective in hard or softened water
  • Solubility ... rapid and complete