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Product Description

Aluminum hot rolling of flat sheet is a highly sensitive metalworking process, requiring experienced technical support and carefully designed lubricants. The aluminum rolling industry relies on Houghton for expert process consultation, efficient product implementation, ongoing techno-chemical support and quality products for all types of hot mill configurations – from single-stand to multi-stand operations.  Houghton’s Tandemol® is the most prevalent hot rolling lubricant in use around the world. Tandemol products are widely known for their superior product and performance characteristics.

Features & Benefits

  • Better surface quality
  • Improved consistency of performance
  • Longer roll and seal life
  • Improved mill and sheet cleanliness
  • Extended coolant life
  • Wider window of operation (coolant temperature, concentration, etc.)
  • Reduced lubricant consumption
  • No biocide usage
  • Applied cost savings (water, filter paper, power, increased productivity)