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Product Description

Thermex 432-C is a synthetic water based hot forging compound which is free of oils, pigments and graphite.

Thermex 432-C is designed to provide heavier film weights at economical use concentration levels.

Thermex 432-C has found wide acceptance in forging operations where higher die temperatures are experienced.

Thermex 432-C can be utilized over a wide dilution range which gives the additional benefit of one product for a wide variety of lubrication requirements.

Thermex 432-C may be diluted with water and easily sprayed onto dies for a wide variety of forging applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Oil and graphite free
  • Low smoke, non irritating fumes
  • No buildup in dies
  • Easily diluted with water
  • Excellent sprayability
  • Good wetting and coverage of dies
  • Cleaner forging
  • Residues are easily removed with water
  • Excellent release properties
  • Effective on warm or hot forging