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Product Description

Thermex WW 540 US is a high performance, graphite free forging lubricant containing improved release additives for high speed automatic and manual forging presses.


Thermex WW 540 US is used for the forging of steel and other ferrous alloys and is particularly suitable as a release agent for all operations where low die forging temperatures occur.

Die temperatures should typically be between 248°F - 446° F (120°C - 230°C).

Thermex WW 540 US is diluted with water to form a stable solution at a concentration between 5% and 40% depending on the amount of deformation and degree of forging difficulty.

Thermex WW 540 US is normally spray applied to the top and bottom of die cavities or punches.

Features & Benefits

  • Stable film formation between the forged work piece and die which reduces heat transmission to the die.
  • Excellent wetting of the metal surface for improved part release from die.
  • Good lubrication providing extended die life.
  • Little to no residue after forging producing clean parts.