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Product Description

Wiolan SH 10 is a special adaptation of a highly effective honing and grinding oil used extensively throughout Europe. The combination of lubricity agents, an effective inhibitor package and selection of carriers make it an ideal product for honing.

High production to dressing ratios can be expected as a norm while using Wiolan SH 10. Low surface roughness and full surface integrity is to be expected. To maintain surface quality Wiolan SH 10 can be filtered through kieselguhr or similar diatomites without altering product chemistry or efficacy. 


Features & Benefits

  • Enhanced lubricity provides extended tool life and reduces tooling cost.
  • Provides improved part finish which reduces overall cost through reduced rework and scrap rates.
  • Biostable formulation extends sump life indefinitely, reducing waste treatment and recharge costs.
  • Provides enhanced corrosion inhibition eliminating costly machine tool repair and scrap rate.