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Research and Technology

Research and Technology Mission

Innovation and Discovery

Houghton R and T develops advanced fluid technologies that enable our customers to improve profitability and product quality while minimizing risks in manufacturing operations. We achieve our mission by maintaining a strategic focus on innovation, knowledge and efficiency in scientific discovery and application.

Houghton’s 150 Year History and Commitment to Innovation

Strategic Focus


Houghton develops new products using novel chemistry and state of the art tribology equipment, guided by the principles of Design of Experiment (DOE) statistical analysis. Our advanced resources and processes provide the foundation for our breakthrough chemistries and industry leadership.


We deliver focused customer support through on-site audits and analysis, combined with lab-based process simulation, product development and testing. Our product portfolio is driven by the key markets we serve, and we apply our deep industry experience and knowledge to continuously advance technology platforms.


We improve our customers’ operating performance through an efficient process of optimizing fluid performance in the lab before implementing proven solutions on site.

Research and Technology Approach

Serving global customers through science and support

Houghton has built a strong reputation for delivering advanced technologies through a commitment to research, development and customer focus on a global scale.


Our customer-focused R and D approach focuses on solving complex customer problems. Houghton scientists are dedicated to developing breakthrough fluid solutions that improve manufacturing performance, reduce total cost of operation, minimize risks and comply with ever-changing global environmental regulations – earning us the distinction of trusted partner and industry leader.


Customer focused research and development is the mandate for Houghton’s 200 scientists worldwide.


In the U.S., Houghton operates an R and D lab and a technical services lab at its Valley Forge, Pennsylvania headquarters and a lab for the metal finishing product line in Alpharetta, Georgia.


Houghton’s labs in Germany, France, Italy Spain and the UK conduct R and D and technical support.


Labs in China, Thailand, Brazil, India, Singapore and Australia provide local technical support and new product deployment.


Houghton invests in the latest tribology equipment to support the innovative work of our product development chemists and to maintain the highest quality technical support for our customers.


Houghton’s organizational structure is aligned to drive global collaboration – ensuring worldwide commitment and resources focused on solving industry wide challenges.


Our lab in Brazil uses a Pamas particle size analyzer to ensure the quality of our Off-Shore Hydraulic Fluids.
Our lab in France uses a salt spray chamber to develop and test rust preventive products
Our lab in Germany uses this Scanning Electron Microscope to evaluate the surface of our customers parts.
Our lab in India uses this Falex Pin on Vee Block tester to confirm the lubricity of metal cutting and ferrous rolling products.
Our lab in Italy uses this particle size analyzer to confirm the quality of our graphitic forging products.
Our lab in Singapore uses the Micro Tap instrument to test the lubricity of metal cutting fluids.
Our lab in Spain uses this IVF Smart Quench test the cooling rate of new quenchents used to harden metal pasts.
Our lab in Thailand uses this ICP to test the Calcium and Magnesium levels of metal cutting fluids to ensure the levels remain within operating limits for our products.
Our lab in Valley Forge simulates the ferrous and non-ferrous rolling process on this tribology tester. A profilometer tests the surface of the metal after the lubricity experiments.
Our lab in Alpharetta develops and tests products used for the treatment of aluminum.

Research and Technology Published Papers

Houghton’s Research and Technology group has a long history of presenting papers and leading technical discussions at conferences and symposiums throughout the world. These publications and presentations cover the latest research on the numerous application areas that Houghton covers.Recent publications and presentations can be found below.For further information on any of these presentations, please contact our Research and Technology department.