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Cerfa-Kleen® 5380 and Rust Veto® 2212: Cleaning and Rust Protection approved by Ford, GM and FCA

An automotive component manufacturer who makes steel clutch plates for transmissions was having sticky residue and rusting issues on their parts and odor in the bath.The customer was using Perkins products in both stages of a two-stage washer. The product was only lasting three weeks before it needed to be dumped.Poor quality city water was in use throughout the plant. Perkins tried to add their cleaner to Ford’s approval list. Ford rejected the request and asked the customer to use something already approved.

The Houghton Approach

Houghton suggested using Cerfa-Kleen® 5380 in the first stage of the washer and Rust Veto® 2212 in the second stage.  Both products are approved by Ford, and FCA. Rust Veto® 2212 is also approved by GM.Houghton worked with the customer to implement an RO water system to improve water quality.

Results and Benefits

Cerfa-Kleen® 5380 took care of the sticky residue on the parts yielding a clean surface for optimum Rust Protection performance. Rust Veto® 2212 then protected the parts, eliminating any rusting issues.The odor issues disappeared.The bath life of both was doubled to six weeks, decreasing maintenance and waste treatment costs as well as the amount of product they need to use.Using approved products ensures worry-free compliance with multiple OEM.Cleaner water, clean, protected parts and a smooth running system with approved products make for a very happy customer.