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ENSIS® WB 600 - Water Based Rust Preventative: Ready to use solution and Dual purpose application

The company specialises in the machining of parts and the assembly of technical sub-assemblies, and finds its principal application in the segment covering the fuel injection systems of internal combustion engines.

A staff of 130 people, on 6000 m2 of plant devoted to production, realize an annual turnover of 12 million euros, of which 80% is from exports.

Production inventory includes modern lathes, milling machines, transfer machines, multi-spindle machines, cylindrical straightening machines, and a new line of special trimming, levelling and straightening machines.

The customer use our product via our Premium distributor.

The situation

Process on steel alloy:

  • Grinding with our Hocut 795 SW
  • Brushing operation with Eterna 2000 (= synthetic + ester). Coolant is sprayed on the brush to help swarf removing.
  • Protection with Castrol DWX 30, applied by manual sprayer.
  • Parts are stored in small metallic box for :
    • Up to 6 months indoor storage followed by solvent degreasing in closed Dürr vapour phase washing
    • Or national transport to customers.

They used to have some punctual corrosion issue during storage, plus the old technology from Castrol used in protection presented a bad HSE profile including :

  • High VOC content
  • Strong smell

And was difficult to degrease.

Last improvement point desired was to limit and if possible avoid salt deposit coming from soluble coolant in the threads.


We have proposed Ensis WB 600 used at ambient temperature for both brushing and protection, diluted at 10-15% in a mix of Tap water (30°F) and soften water, with the following advantage :

  • VOC Free technology
  • Film easier to clean
  • Low to no odor
  • Versatile product that can be used neat or diluted

Emulsion concentration is monitored by acid split by our distributor.