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Houghto-Draw® 7060 provides major cost savings at a prominent Bearings manufacturer.

A major bearings manufacturer wanted to initiate a project to recycle their metal forming lubricant. The manufacturer utilizes Houghto-Draw® 7060, a biostable soluble oil operating at a 12%-20% concentration range to stamp FAB fingers and rocker arms.Parts are successfully manufactured with Houghto-Draw® 7060, and the used fluid was sent to waste treatment.Houghton’s FLUIDCARE Chemical Management Program worked with the customer personnel and Valley Forge Lab in evaluating recycling Houghto-Draw® 7060. The overall goal was to minimize product sent to waste treatment and reduce consumption of Houghto-Draw® 7060.The Houghton Approach Our Fluidcare Team leveraged our Equipment relationship with Smartskim to install a unit to remove any tramp oil from Houghto-Draw® 7060. Magnetic filters and bag filters were also implemented to eliminate any iron fines and dirt associated with the stamping process. Samples of the recycled Houghto-Draw® 7060 were analyzed on-site and in the Valley Forge Lab and were found to be in good condition and satisfactory for continued service.Results and Benefits The impact of the recycling project has been successful and provided the following cost saving benefits:

  • Reduced usage of Houghto-Draw® 7060 by 75% totaling approximately $310K savings annually.
  • Eliminated 179,000 gallons of product sent to waste treatment annually.
  • The cost of labor to handle the existing waste treatment process was also eliminated.
  • Consistent concentration monitoring of recycled Houghto-Draw® 7060 allows for improved tool life at a much lower cost.

Houghto-Draw® 7060 is an excellent choice for stamping and forming capabilities with increased tool life and improved surface finish.