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RUST VETO® 211 DLVS: VOC Free Rust Preventative - Fluid management improvement, corrosion issue decreased & productivity improved

EATON Automotive Systems in Bielsko Biała, Poland, produces engine valves and valves actuators for Automotive industry including Fiat, PSA, Ford. Houghton is managing all chemicals purchases. Manufacturing process include grinding, washing, chrome plating, quality control (cracks, hardness, camera, tightness), stamping and protection.

The problems faced by the customer are:

  • Five different rust preventives are used, each for a specific part.
  • Water-based rust preventives use and application is not mastered, resulting in corrosion issues on parts.
  • Low and medium flash point solvent-based rust preventives caused EHS issues with skin irritation and difficult working conditions due to smell.

At this site, rust preventives are applied via a low pressure/flowing nozzle. Excess product is blown off to limit consumption through drag out. Statistical quality checks are performed to verify rust protection.

The Houghton Solution

Houghton proposed a single VOC-Free product, Rust Veto 211 DLVS, as a single product for all application. The product is used neat with the following advantages:

  • Simplified monitoring with direct top up with fresh product
  • Reduced maintenance (no more problem with pipes and filters clogging - soaps),
  • Reduced complexity and cost with this unique product
  • Improved stability of rust preventive performance, with its excellent dewatering properties.

Houghton accompanied Eaton through the change over period, resulting in a very smooth transition. The state of the art VOC technology improved the working conditions, eliminating all operator complaints.

The Benefits


  • Reduction of scrap rate
  • VOC Free solution avoiding need for costly vapour extraction equipment and burners
  • Reduced working capital through unique product inventory

Process Simplification and Improvement

  • Reduced complexity eliminating operator error and quality claims
  • Improve equipment availability and productivity by removing need for product change overs

Operator Health and Safety

  • Elimination of skin irritation hazard
  • Low smell product greatly improving work environment

Improved Security

  • High flash point product limiting fire risk


  • Fluid management support enable process improvement at customer